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DigHT 310
Database Design Exercise

Create a database schema for keeping track of a set of data of your choice. You could, for example, create a database for your DVD or CD collection, a club or church group membership list, or a fictional class list or company. The following requirements apply:

Here is a sample database schema, based on the fictitious business example we used in class. Note that this is the schema only; you should also make up some records for your tables.

Database: business_example

Table 1: employee
person_id Unique numeric identifier for each employee
fname Employee's first name
lname Employee's last name
office Employee's office number
phone Employee's phone number
dept Which department the employee works in
Table 2: department
dept_id Unique numeric identifier for each dept
name Department name
office Department main office number
phone Department main phone number
supervisor ID of supervisor (person_id from employee table)
Table 3: project
proj_id Unique numeric identifier for each project
client Short name of client
lead Employee in charge of each project (person_id from employee table)
phone Client contact phone number

Here's an example of what one of the tables might look like with a few records in it:

person_idfname lname phone office dept
1Joe Jones 123-4567 Room 119 2
2Jane Doe 234-5678 Room 128 2
3Mike Nelson 345-6789 Room 127 1
4René Johnson 456-7890 Room 210 3

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