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LiveCode Shortcuts

The LiveCode development environment is very powerful, with lots of menus, palettes, toolbars, etc. that let you create, edit and script objects. In fact, there are so many tools and capabilities available from these places that you can spend a lot of time moving from your keyboard to your mouse and moving the mouse around the screen to find the tool you need. To help speed things up, there are many keyboard shortcuts built into LiveCode. It can save you lots of time over the long run to learn some of the shortcuts for functionality that you use often. Here is a handy list of some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts.


Navigation Shortcuts

   Mac Win/Unix/Linux 
go to the first card ⌘+1 control+1
go to the previous card ⌘+2 control+2
go to the next card ⌘+3 control+3
go to the last card ⌘+4 control+4
go to the recent card
   (i.e., the card you were on before you came to the current one)
⌘+5 control+5
go to the top or bottom of a field ⌘+up/down arrow control+up/down arrow

LiveCode Environment

choose run (browse) tool ⌘+9 control+9
choose edit (pointer) tool ⌘+0 control+0
toggle between run and edit tools ⌘+option+tab control+alt+tab
hide/show LiveCode palettes ⌘+control+tab control+tab
display LiveCode contextual menus in run mode ⌘+shift+control+click control+shift+right click
save all open stacks ⌘+option+S control+alt+S

Working with Objects and Controls

create new card ⌘+N control+N
select multiple controls shift+click on control
select all controls ⌘+A control+A
duplicate selected control ⌘+D control+D
duplicate a control option+drag alt+drag
open stack's property inspector ⌘+K control+K
open a control's property inspector double click on control
open selected control's property inspector return key
nudge the selected control arrow keys
nudge the selected control 10 pixels shift+arrow keys
remove styles, colors, font settings from selected text in field ⌘+; control+;
Alignment Shortcuts    
align edges of selected controls ⌘+option+arrow keys control+alt+arrow keys
nudge the selected controls arrow keys
equalize heights of selected controls ⌘+shift+= control+shift+=
equalize widths of selected controls ⌘+= control+=
Image Editing    
Magnify section of image at click point ⌘+click control+right click
Make image editing tool apply transparency control+tool right click+tool
Crop image ⌘+resize image control+resize image

Message Box

open/close message box ⌘+M control+M
clear message box ⌘+U control+U
scroll through recent commands in message box up/down arrows
scroll through recent commands in multiline message box opt+up/down arrow alt+up/down arrow
execute statement (single line) return key
execute statements (multiple lines) enter key
execute statements (multiple lines) if no enter key ⌘+return control+return

Script Editor

open stack script ⌘+shift+S control+shift+S
open card script ⌘+shift+C control+shift+C
open script of selected control ⌘+E control+E
open a control's script ⌘+option+click control+alt+click
switch to find mode in script editor ⌘+F control+F
put current selection into find box in script editor ⌘+option+F control+alt+F
find next occurence of search term in script ⌘+G control+G
go to line number ⌘+L control+L
complete terms in script editor (pre-3.0) ⌘+number control+number
format the current handler tab key
look up a term in the Dictionary control+click right click
apply (compile) changes to script enter key
apply (compile) changes to script if no enter key ⌘+return control+return
apply changes and close script editor enter key twice
apply changes and save stack while in script editor ⌘+S control+S
comment out selected lines ⌘+hyphen control+hyphen
remove comments from selected lines ⌘+shift+hyphen control+shift+hyphen

Running and Debugging Scripts

stop a running handler ⌘+. control+.
Revolution 2.9 and earlier
debugger – step into next line space bar
debugger – step over next line option+space bar alt+space bar
debugger – run handler
enter key
debugger – abort handler ⌘+. control+.
Revolution 3.0 and later,including LiveCode
debugger – step into next statement ⌘+ I control+ I
debugger – step over next statement ⌘+O control+O
debugger – step out of current handler ⌘+T control+T
debugger – run handler ⌘+shift+> control+shift+>
debugger – abort handler ⌘+Y control+Y


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