LiveCode Painting Tools

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tool function cursor (hot) +shift +option/alt +cmd (Mac)/
+ ctrl (Win)
+control (Mac )/
right-click (Win)

selection rectangle selection rectangle

select rectangluar area cross (center) constrain square ( ) ( ) ( )

paint bucket tool bucket

fill area with brush color bucket (at tip) ( ) ( ) ( ) transparent fill

spray can tool spray can

spray pattern w/ brush color spray pattern ( ) ( ) Magnify transparent spray

eraser tool eraser

erase with brush shape brush shape ( ) ( ) Magnify ( )

The following five tools are chosen from the Polygon option menu:
polygon options

rectangle tool rectangle

rectangle of current line size cross (center) constrain square rect w/ brush color ( ) transparent rect

rounded rectangle tool round rectangle

round rect. of curr. line size cross (center) constrain square rect w/ brush color ( ) transparent r. rect

oval tool oval

oval of current line size cross (center) constrain circle oval w/ brush color ( ) transparent oval

irregular polygon tool irreg polygon

line click to click cross (center) constrain 22.5° irr. pol. w/brush col. ( ) transparent irr.pol.

regular polygon tool regular polygon

polygon w/sel. no. of sides cross (center) constrain 22.5° polygon w/brush c. ( ) transparent polygon

The following two tools are chosen from the Line option menu:
line options menu

line tool line

line of current line size cross (center) constrain 22.5° uses brush color ( ) transparent line

freehand line tool freehand line

freehand of line size, makes enclosed shape cross (center) ( ) uses brush color ( ) transparent line/shape

pencil tool pencil

one-pixel freehand line pencil (tip) ( ) ( ) Magnify transparent pencil
brush tool brush brush shape w/brush color brush shape ( ) ( ) Magnify transparent brush
fill color popup select fill color

single click shows color palette:

double click shows system color picker

LiveCode color palette
line color selection select line color
choose line size tool line size choose line thickness for line, polygons
(Appears when line or freehand tool is active.)
brush shapes palette
choose brush shape tool brush shape choose shape of paint brush, spray can brush shapes palette
polygon sides tool select polygon sides select number of sides of regular polygon
(Appears when regular polygon tool is active.)
regular polygon sides options
(drag with mouse) (selected object or area) cross (center) ( ) ( ) clone ( )