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DigHT 310
Server-side LiveCode Scripting – lesson notes

The LiveCode server-side scripting technology allows you to mix LiveCode code with HTML content on the same web page, in much the same way as PHP, the most widely-used server-side scripting language. The advantage for LiveCode developers is that they can use the very same language they use to develop desktop applications to create dynamic web pages or web server output. While the language is the same there are a few differences and additions to LiveCode as used in server-side scripting, compared to the way it is used in developing stacks. Here is a summary of the main differences:

Homework 1: – Do Intro through Database

Sources of good LiveCode Server documentation and examples

An Unofficial Guide to LiveCode Server - Created by Simon Smith at – RunRev's On-rev sample page. – Rev developer Sarah Reichelt's examples, plus links to a bunch of other on-rev sites. – Some very nice, sophisticated things done by a web professional. – Some simple examples by Devin Asay. – Jacqueline Landman Gay's on-rev and revlet samples, including a fun Mad-libs page.

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