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Mobile Native Controls Stack Assignment

Create a stack (or just add to your navigation flow or final project stack) that demonstrates the use of mobile native controls like those shown in the testMobileControls.livecode stack at

We did the first part in the previous assignment, so just do the second part.

1. Use at least three of the following types of controls:

2. Also use at least one mobile native control using mobileControlCreate. See the example stack and the Dictionary entry to see the types of controls you can create. A text input or multi-line text input control may be the most straightforward.

In this mobile native control demonstrate that you can:

There is a completed example on the DigHT 310 server in the stack lesson_materials/13-Mobile_native_controls/MultilineEx-solution.livecode. Please use this for reference only. In other words, you can use it to guide you, but you would want to include controls that would change other properties from the ones demonstrated.

Make sure you test this on a mobile device or simulator, then submit it to the Assignment Drop folder on the server.

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