Digital Humanities & Technology 210

Script Editor Menu Reference

When you enter the script editor, the menus change to reflect the different environment and to give you access to commands and settings that facilitate working with the script editor.


The File menu contains commands to print a script or close the script editor, with or without saving changes to the script.

File Menu Choices


The Edit menu contains commands to select, cut, copy, and paste text, as well as selecting and deselecting text.

Edit Menu Items


The Text menu contains commands to change the appearance of text.


The Script menu contains commands to comment or uncomment part of a script, format, colorize, or add the skeleton of a control structure.


The Handler menu contains a list of all handlers in the current script. Choose a handler to go to that handler in the script.


The View menu contains commands to format the script and change its appearance.


The Bookmark menu contains a list of bookmark locations in the current script. Choose a bookmark to scroll to that location.


The Help menu gives you access to all the documentation and aides available in the regular LiveCode menu.

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