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CHum 210 & 310
Computers and Teaching I & II

Accessing the Class Server/Submitting Assignments

With the exception of one or two assignments that are e-mailed, all other assignments are to be submitted to a remote server for this course.

From Humanities Computer Labs

If you are in one of our labs, both the Macintosh computers and Windows computers have pre-set shortcuts to get to the CHum210/310 server. On a Windows machine, find the Classes folder in the Start menu, then enter the CHum210 or CHum 310 folder. On a Macintosh machine, go to the Classes folder, then the CHum210 or CHum 310 folder.

Other Locations

If you want to try to connect from another lab on campus or from home, the procedure for doing so is as follows:

Windows (Note: due to the campus firewall, this will most likely NOT work from off campus)

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Choose Map Network Drive from the Tools menu. Use a drive letter that's unused.
  3. Enter address for the server: \\\ClassSpace\CHum210 (or \CHum310)
  4. Use login name and password as given in class.
  5. Place the assignment in the Assignment Drop folder.

Macintosh OS X

  1. From the Finder choose Connect to Server... from the Go menu.
  2. Enter the server address:, press Return.
  3. Enter user name and password as given in class.
  4. Choose ClassSpace from the list of server volumes.
  5. Navigate to the CHum210 (or CHum310) folder and place the assignment in the Assignment Drop folder.

Don't forget to logoff when you leave the computer. We need to maintain the integrity of the information on our server. Leaving the server connected when you leave permits others without proper authority to have access to the materials therein. Please make a conscientious effort to logoff every time you have finished.


There is also the option of using an Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client. You can do this with a secure FTP client (such as WinSCP on Windows or Fetch on the Mac). Use as the hostname, and the username/password as given in class. Place assignments into the Assignment Drop folder.

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