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CHum 310
Using QuickTime Movies in LiveCode

Due: On the date indicated on the schedule.

This project will help you learn how to incorporate and control QuickTime movies into your LiveCode stack. For this project you will use the Romeo and Juliet short QuickTime movie in the QT Project folder inthe Templates folder.

  1. Go to the Templates folder on the CHum 310 file server and download the folder called "QTProject".

  2. Make sure your copy of the template stack is unlocked (i.e., not read only). You can do this by doing File > Save As... after downloading the stack, or by downloading over the internet with go stack URL "" in the message box and saving the stack locally with File > Save.
  3. Rename the stackfile to include your name.

  4. In the folder you should find, in addition to the template stack, a video called and a text file called denouement.txt. The text file contains the spoken dialog from the video file. Each line of dialog ends with a return (carriage return) character, so that LiveCode sees it as a single line.

  5. You will need to script your stack to provide the following functionality. You do not have to use the exact buttons provided. You may combine or divide functionality using whatever buttons you wish:
  6. Finishing touches: Remember that a clear and visually appealing interface is important for making your stack user friendly. Consider ways to improve the current design. For example, you could use the imported images at the bottom of the card as icons for the movie controller buttons. (Be sure to hide them when you're done.) Consider also such things as screen layout and size and appearance of text, buttons, etc. Proofread your materials carefully.

  7. The stack "QTProjKey.rev" in the Keys folder shows a working example. Please don't simply copy the scripts from that stack, but do refer to it if you get stuck.

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