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DigHT 210
Computers and Teaching I

LiveCode Object/Property Assignment

Part One

This exercise is designed to reinforce the topics covered in the readings and to introduce you to the concept of objects and the various properties assigned to object types in LiveCode and prepare you for the lecture on the same topic. As you do the steps, remember to observe LiveCode best practices.

  1. Create a new stack with four cards.
  2. Save the stack with YourNameObjects.rev as its filename. Note that you don't have to enter the ".rev" part; that is created automatically.
  3. On the first card, place a text field with your name in it.
  4. On the second card create three buttons of varying types. Include a field indicating the card number.
  5. On the third card create three graphics of varying types. Make at least one of the graphic objects not antialiased. Include a field indicating the card number.
  6. On the fourth card, create a field and please answer the following questions in the field. Make the field large enough to show all the text.
    1. What is a property (within the context of LiveCode)?
    2. How does one access the properties of an object?
    3. Name four properties common to all objects. (Note: There are more than four.)
    4. How does one change a specific property of an object?

Part Two

This section will help familiarize you with the properties of objects. Again, remember to observe LiveCode best practices.

  1. Set the size of your stack to 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall. Make it so that the user cannot alter the size.
  2. Choose a background color for all the cards. Remember to use inheritance.
  3. Set the background color of the third card to a different color.
  4. Set the font and font size for all objects on each respective card as follows:
    1: Verdana 18
    2: Comic Sans MS 24
    3: Your choice
    4: Times New Roman 14
  5. On card 2 set the font size of the buttons only to 14 but keep the font the same.
  6. On card 3 set the line width, line color, and fill color of the graphic objects to each be different from the others.
  7. Make one of the graphics on card three 50% transparent.
  8. On the fourth card, in the existing field, add answers to the following questions, using a different font style (i.e., bold, italic, underline, etc.) and color than the previous answers. (Note that this can only be done via the Text menu, not in the property inspector.) If you need to, add a vertical scrollbar to the field so you can scroll to see all of the text.
    1. What do you think a group is (within the context of LiveCode)?
    2. Why might a group be useful?

This assignment is due by the beginning of class on the due date specified in the class schedule. Turn in your completed assignment by dragging a copy of the stack from your data disk into the Assignment Drop folder in the DigHT 210 folder on the DigHT 210 server ( as explained before.

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