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Digital Humanities and Technology(DigHT) Course Materials
Learning to Program with LiveCode

Building a User Interface in Livecode

LiveCode Scripting – Programming Objects in LiveCode

Multimedia in LiveCode

Programming in LiveCode: Advanced Topics

Creating Mobile Apps with LiveCode

Design and Evaluation of Stacks

LiveCode Helps and Reference Materials

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The following colleagues contributed to these materials:

Devin Asay (Conversion to LiveCode, updates, web site)
Chuck Bush (Original HyperCard Course Design)
Russell Hansen (Updates and Revisions)
Jarom McDonald (Updates and Revisions)

These course materials are used in the Digital Humanities & Technology (formerly Computers and the Humanities) 210 and 310 courses at BYU. They are made available for use as a service to the LiveCode developer community free of charge. All materials here are Copyright © 2005 by Brigham Young University. Do not republish or reuse without written permission.

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